Friday, April 13, 2012

Picnic Time!

Here in Wisconsin we had Winter (a very mild one), then a week of 80 degrees and now we're back into the 40s again.  Someone said we had three seasons all in March!  But the month of April seems to be slooowly warming up.  And thoughts again turn towards being outside...

I needed a birthday present for our friend's daughter who's turning 4 years old, that perfect age when barefeet and bugs are a way of life.  I bought three yards of this novelty print, folded it in half, sandwiched a layer of flannel in between and quilted cross-hatching.  The edges are simply rolled and hemmed.

This picnic blanket is pretty yet sturdy.  It can be tossed on any patch of ground fit for a picnic and just as easily tossed in the washing machine that evening.  I'll wrap it up with the basket, too.  Technically that's a silverware organizer, but those compartments should be just right for a 4 year old to fill with juice boxes and fruit snacks.

And since it seems the kids can get into some serious all-day outside playing, I'm going to suggest to my daughter that she does a good spring cleaning in her playhouse.  Sweep up all the flies, shake out the rug, and fill it back up with her babydoll beds that have been stored indoors all winter.  For more photos of the playhouse construction and interior, please see my post over at the Willow Homestead.  

Happy Sewing to everyone starting your Springtime projects!