Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1940s Tie-On Knit Cap

A few years back I purchased a full-length cloth coat at the local thrift store.  Most likely a late '50s/early '60s design, it closes with one button at the neck and has a slight A-line style.  It fit perfect.  It was in mint condition.  It only cost $3.00.  The hangup?   It was peptol-bismol pink.  After building up a little courage, I began wearing it around town.  Later that winter I added a mink collar that I found at the same thrift store.  Needless to say, I love it. 

And I've finally made a hat to match!  I dragged my coat with me into countless yarn shops looking for the perfect color match (because I'm OCD like that).  I'm happy to report that it's not "peptol-bismol" after all, but rather "coral rose!"  I used Patons Canadiana acrylic yarn.  I would have preferred wool, but color was more important.

I had previously crocheted this cap (using my own design), but was thrilled when I found this pattern online at Baby Dee's.  This was a free pattern and there are several other styles available at their etsy shop..  I am much happier with the knit version.  Looks cleaner and less like I should be stirring my pot of boiling soap outside my stone cottage.  The pattern is all knit stitch, increase and decrease.  Simple and quick!

I only made two slight alterations to the pattern.  I used #7 needles because I didn't have #8s.  And I didn't make the hat as long as it was supposed to be.  You start at one bottom point, increase and then knit straight rows until you begin to decrease down to the other point.  It's easy to adjust to your own melon.

I think I may make a couple more of these to match my other coats.  It's warm enough for winter, but doesn't smush my curls.  So when the nights get dark before supper (ug), remember to make a date with the couch and your knitting needles!  'Tis the season for wooly (or acrylic-y) projects!


  1. It fits perfectly around your curls! Someday I will learn how to knit- maybe for my grandchildren.

  2. Looks wonderful. The colours match perfectly!
    I have the pattern on my harddrive and thought about making it to match my yet-to-be-finished scarf. But I´m afraid winter will be over before I get it done :)