Sunday, September 9, 2012

Long live polyester!

This dress was one of those quick projects I finished up in a couple of days.  After my last dressmaking project, I was looking for some instant gratification.  Sort of like treating yourself to a flip through your Country Living magazine after you close the cover on Anna Karenina (which will soon be a Kiera Knightley movie!!).  If this dress was a total flop, I was resolved to wad it into the trash and move on. No regrets.

To my surprise, it went pretty well.  I used Simplicity 6954, dated 1966.  I took an inch out of both the center front and back seams because apparently not only am I vertically challenged but also horizontally.  I left the skirt a little long so it would fall below my knee, and then, subsequently, added a kick pleat so I could walk. 

Now I typically don't search out polyester, but I liked the weight of this fabric.  And the red rose print on navy caught my eye.  Plus it cost me something like $1.50 at the local thrift. The leftover scraps went back to said thrift store, so you see, it was the perfect thing!  No cost; no pressure; no guilt!  All sewing should be this carefree!

Admittedly though, I like my Tolstoy, so now I'm in the throes of a 1930s matching skirt and jacket.  But until that is ready to leave the sewing room, I'll be peddling around the neighborhood in this little number.

Happy days, Everyone!


  1. You have a lovely figure, and totally rock that terrific dress. I remeber double-knot polyester from the first go-round, and though it has been anathema for the last 25 yrs or so, it definitely has it's place.
    Love the dress, love the blog.

  2. Oops! That should say double-"knit"! (Double-knot is what you do to the laces of your Keds, so they don't come untied and tangle in the chain of your Schwinn!)

    1. Lol! Thanks Wendy. I'm finding that I buy fabric based on the (1) color and print and (2) the drape. I'm not too picky about fiber content. Although I do have a huge stash of wool in many awful colors and patterns simple because it's wool!

  3. Gorgeous! and the dress isn't bad either ;)