Thursday, February 20, 2014

2nd Annual Glamping Weekend

It's time to start gathering the gear!

Who:  the Hometown Victory Girls cordially invite you to
What:  our Second Annual Glamping Weekend at
Where:  Governor Thompson State Park (Crivitz, WI 54114) on
When:  Thursday, July 3 - Sunday, July 6, 2014
Why:  for the simple fun of camping
How: glamourously!!
Last year everyone had such a great time, and with that first one under our belt, we're raring to go on Number Two!  We have an event page set up in facebook if you'd like to follow us there and receive updates.  Details regarding the park, reservations, and activities for the weekend are already posted, and there will be more in the coming months.  So bring your tent, your trailer or just toss your sleeping bag out under the stars.  Either way you go, let's make it glamorous!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Lincoln Project

As an artist, one of the catch 22's is that revealing your artwork also reveals your vulnerabilities.
So much energy, time, and soul goes into your work/creation it's an extension of you, and sharing can be scary. I started this work of art over a year ago, a portrait of Lincoln
Lincoln is one of the most well known presidents, so why paint him? Perhaps it's because his birthday is only one day after mine? Or I was entering into a volatile political election? Or that I wanted a different subject? Or the new movie Lincoln was coming out? In any case, I identify with Lincoln. Lincoln was a very complex, and yet simple person. How he had the strength to lead our country with opposing sides and depression knocking at his door, I will never know.
Purchasing a large expensive piece of watercolor paper for this project was a huge step for me. Its hard to plan a piece when the recipient is unknown. For now- it's mine, and I will share my progress with you. Up to this point I had my sketch down on the pricey paper. 
Bo Peep convinced me to paint Lincoln since it is Presidents Day and my plans were cancelled due to the weather. I have a list two miles long of "should do's", but I set them aside and got to work.
Laying down frisket first to keep some white areas.
Waiting for the frisket to dry gives me time to play.
I raided the pantry.
The results. I choose the cornmeal.

Then I started in with the color.

A good start, but fatigue is setting in so I will leave my "green man" for now. Plus time and pictures give me better perspective. Happy President's Day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Power of Attraction

I am a firm believer in the power of attraction, and along with that the idea that whatever you focus on expands! Within the last year alone I have acquired a vintage mohair couch and club chair, turntable, fridge, and camper! But this is not solely about purchasing items you like, it's how things come to you in unexpected ways. I think the best example of this is my vintage aluminum canister set. My neighbor gave me a canister set she found in her cabin, and though I was in love with it, it was missing the sugar canister. No matter, I loved them and cleared the clutter (my huge microwave) to make room for them.

 After seeing my canister set on Facebook, my cousin's friend contacted me and told me she had a sugar canister that she thought matched  for me. I picked it up and indeed it did match! A beautiful canister set that came to me for only the price of gratitude.
Just added-S & P set from antiquing in Hixton.

Soon afterwards, my mother gifted me this spice set too!

This holiday season was a particularly delightful one for me. I had decided to cut out the stress of gift giving by not pressuring myself to get the perfect gift. You know what? I do believe that everyone got a well-suited gift from me this year. I also received well-suited gifts this year. The following are a few of my favorite gifts!

Daddy-O got me this gorgeous vintage blue coat!
 Blue is my favorite color, which you don't see too often.
I think this gift was for Daddy-O, but I'm claiming it as mine!
My brother made me a beautiful wooden tray and this vintage sign that goes perfectly in our newly remodeled breezeway.
Good Luck
Compliments of T J Wirrer
General merchandise
Mattoon, Wis.
Bo Peep found this plate in Waupaca brought it home to Mattoon, and fits perfectly in my "new" living room!

Last spring I bought some rocks and shot glasses from my late Great Uncle's estate. I didn't even know other sizes existed until I spied Rebecca's Collins and highball glasses at Mississippi Mayhem! I always gravitate towards glass at any thrift store, but no matching glasses were to be found. Then I received an early birthday present from Bo Peep.
Tom Collins, Highball, Old Fashioned, Rocks, and Shot.

Imagine my delight when I spied the glasses as I opened up the box! Now my mismatched glasses are gone to make way for my beautiful "new" set! Even though they are bar glasses I plan on using them as kitchen glasses. I delight everyday in using these beautiful glasses, and there's no reason to store that joy away!

And would you know it, now I noticed Annie has some too! My focus is expanding.

My mother gave me some of my Great Aunt Helen's lovely jewelry which includes Mount Rushmore sweater clips! Now I am reminded of her whenever I wear one of these.
 I have received many more great gifts, and love witnessing the power of attraction in my life. It never gets old. And if you're wondering what all this power of attraction talk is, I have been reading E Squared by Pam Grout. I highly recommend it!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Ms. Mercury's Vintage Cocktail Party

Marilyn Mercury and her husband hosted a fabulous cocktail party back in early January.  Here's a peek at the all the pin-curls and punchbowls that made it a success!  Recipes included.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Alterations: Mens WWII Pants

If you tend to wear vintage, you know that anything is fair game.  You've got to keep your options open and suddenly Grandma's old cat-eye glasses start to look do-able.  Your aunt's beret and scarf set, not too shabby.  Or your dad's old military clothes, not just for Halloween anymore!  Personally, I love my WWII military-issue pieces.  And here are a few easy tips to make the pants a bit more flattering for the female figure. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vintage Baby Bowtie Quilt: Part Three

Here it is!
 The quilt was finished! 

BoPeep sewed her beautiful bowtie blocks together and added a border to balance it.  She machine quilted around each bowtie and the center embroidery.  Then it was delivered it to me to finish.

Some finishing touches included hemming the binding by hand

and embroidering a dedication label.

The back is just as stunning as the front.
We used a soft chambray for the binding and backing.

I added glittery wrapping....

Glitter makes everything grand!

...then sent it off to Lucy with love!

 Lucy and her quilt.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We'll never be Royals

But we can have fun playing dress-up and pretend! After all- life is too short not to wear your "fancy pants" once in awhile.

The second annual HVG new Year's Eve Bash was held at the Meade Mansion. This year's theme was the prohibition era which spanned 1919 to 1933. I love the 30's- it's my favorite era of fashion along with the 40's, but when it came time to plan my wardrobe for the party I decided upon a vintage 1920's "flapper" pattern in my collection. This pattern has always begged to be made, but the proper occasion has eluded me- until now.

The sac dress is not my favorite silhouette, so some swanky fabrics were in order. My favorite fabric store, Goodwill, came through again with 13 yards of cream lining and floral printed velvet. I also purchased some cream satin for the dress, but decided I liked the sheen on the lining better. This would later frustrate me, but it looked good, and that's all that matters, right?

Other preparations to be made were selecting stockings, the fancier the better since the hemlines were rising in the 20's, and my accessories! Superglue restoration was done to my minkies, along with a good eye cleaning. The leather was too brittle to sew up repairs.

Four whole minks complete the stole that I won at an estate sale.
 I also won a lifetime of eye rolls from Daddy-O!

With only days to go until the party I zipped up my dress with only a few snags (literally). The boxy design is fairly simple and straight forward, but with no instructions, you need to take your time and possibly rip some seams.

At the evening of the party the table was filled with various hors d' oeuvers, Mr. Shimstock was making some mean sidecars, and we popped a bottle of bubbly to start the evening.


I've been lounging on this chair all day!

For details on BoPeep's dress, check out the Willow Homestead.

Just us flapper girls!

BoPeep was fabulously dressed with her new party dress, and the guys even cleaned up nice.

It was a great evening to stay in and have a cold drink and snuggle with our beaus!

Royalty is just a state of mind- 
so think royal thoughts in the coming year!
Happy New Year to you & yours!

Wild Kat's Wardrobe
Pattern- Standard new Idea Designer Pattern circa 1920's
Fabric- Goodwill
Fur Mink stole- estate sale
Jewelry- estate sales
Feather Hair piece- Walmart
Nylons- Gal Stern etsy
Shoes- eBay
Gloves- Bo Peep's collection