Monday, January 27, 2014

Ms. Mercury's Vintage Cocktail Party

Marilyn Mercury and her husband hosted a fabulous cocktail party back in early January.  Here's a peek at the all the pin-curls and punchbowls that made it a success!  Recipes included.

For many years now I have been thinking of having a vintage cocktail party.  That, of course, starts with collecting all the necessary entertaining essentials: snack plates, punch bowl, beautiful serving plates, the list goes on. My barware gets used more often, as I like to make drinks for Mr. Mercury and I.  So finally being able to put all my vintage goodies to use seemed like a great idea!  Plus, I love my house at Christmas time.  I have the most vintage decor at that time of year; the house feels so warm and cheery. It seemed the perfect time to have a vintage holiday cocktail party!

I set the date and asked guests to bring a cocktail recipe and the makings so everyone could sample something different if they liked.  We mixed Blue Hawaiians, Stormy Night Martinis, and Smith and Kearns. I also asked if they would bring an hor d'oevre to share.  My only rule for the night was no crock pots, Tupperware, or paper plates. This was a chance to use all the beautiful dishes that have been handed down to us.  We all had thrift shop or antique store finds, those "new to me" treasures that we intend to put to good use, but then realize are too fancy for a regular family potluck. I wanted the display of food to be true to all the party pictures of days gone by. 
That decided, I was free to stress about the appropriate dress. Boy, what a pain to come to my party! I actually think everyone enjoyed seeing the nice clothes though.  It really changes the mood of a party.

Marilyn Mercury "de-stressing" and looking fabulous while doing so!

I had a plan for the night to play games, but that quickly went out the window.  Everyone just wanted to visit.  We talked about getting our classic cars out after this terrible winter, upcoming car shows and pin up events.

Miss Fanny Freckles and her Mister traveled a distance.  She brought a nifty Bloody Mary Jell-O dish, infused with all the vodka one would need!  She also brought her camera, and all photo credits throughout this post go to her.

At the end of the night we stepped out doors for a group photo.  
Luckily it was a balmy 30 degrees outside!

I really enjoyed this as a true-to-original-as-possible party! Everyone looked lovely; the house was sparkling; the food was delicious! I'm so glad my party guests got into the theme and played along.  Many of my friends are into the vintage lifestyle to some degree (surprising, huh?).  And it's always nice to get a chance to show off those party dresses!

 As much work and planning that goes into it, I loved the whole thing.
And I hope to do this again next year!
 ~ Marilyn xoxo

Stormy Night Martini 
2 oz "Effen" brand vodka Black Cherry flavor 
2oz Watermelon Pucker 
2oz Island Punch Pucker 
2oz Sweet and Sour mix 
Shake with ice.  Rim martini glass with sugar.  Pour and add lime slice for garnish.

Smith and Kearns 
1.5 oz of cream de cocoa 
1.5 oz of half and half (I used low or non fat, it didn't alter the flavor) 
a splash of Seltzer water
Typically served as a dessert drink in a low ball glass.  Pour over a few pieces of ice.  Stir briefly.  Garnish with two hazelnuts.


  1. It was a fabulous time. Thanks for hosting!

    Fanny Freckles

  2. Sorry we missed it! Hoping we can replay this at Back to the Fifties this year!

  3. cool party!
    sound like a lot of fun :-)