Ron & Jessica Meade
February 2004
Amanda Clark Photography

Jessica "Wild Kat" Meade (administrator) has always had her own sense of style. As soon as she was old enough she insisted on dressing herself and in elementary school she wore bandanas of every color tied around her jeans, among other trends. In high school she took home economics and art classes which led to a fashion design major in college. Her wedding in 2004 was 1940's themed and from there her interest in that decade has grown. Her inspiration comes from her grandmothers, her mother, and Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, and Gil Elvgren. She is an artist, stay-at-home mother to two boys, owner of Bombshell Tees, and dreamer of all things fun and creative.

BoPeep at home in Pasturelands, WI

BoPeep (administrator) grew up in small-town, rural Wisconsin.  Thrifting was a part of her childhood along with learning from Mom how to do the gardening, canning and sewing.  As an adult, BoPeep has continued in that vein of "make and mend."  Sewing from her grandma's collection of patterns has really transformed her closet into a 1950s repro-vintage wardrobe.

But her vintage lifestyle goes far beyond her clothes.  A stay-at-home mother of two, BoPeep tends her flock of sheep (seriously, she has Shetlands), cooks on her 1940s match-light stove and takes her 1950 Ford Shoebox to town for groceries.  Follow her 'throwback' lifestyle at the Willow Homestead.

In 2010, Wild Kat and BoPeep briefly met at the Symco Shakedown Traditional HotRod Show.  While their men were getting greasy under the hood of a car, the girls were watching the kids in the bounce house.  Typical.  They found that they had similar styles and interests, but would not chat again until later that year via the very popular facebook channels.  Who isn't on fb anymore?

After getting to know each other better, Kat and Bo decided to start a group to support these common interests.  Voila, Hometown Victory Girls!!  We live modern lives in a retro style. We love the 1940s and 50s, but have an affinity for all decades.  And we couldn't possibly keep all this vintage awesomeness to ourselves, so we decided to look for other girls who were on the same track.  Enter, Peachie...

Peachie in the Buick
Having grown up in a military family, Peachie DeVille has lived in almost every corner of the globe, and her tastes and talents reflect that international lifestyle.  Finally settling down in Wisconsin, Peachie and her husband are renovating an 1880s Victorian home while maintaining a fleet of hot rods (a '48 Ford, '52 Buick, and '64 Caddy, just to name a few). She is the fixer of animals and the weaver of cakes.  She can pin up a perfect French Twist in two minutes flat and usually greets visitors at the door with a plate full of Fat Elvis cupcakes.  Peachie's vintage flair and generous heart make her a perfect addition to the HVG!.

Marilyn Mercury
And drumroll please...we're so excited to announce our newest member of the Hometown Victory Girls, Marilyn Mercury!

Jennie "Marilyn Mercury" Gorbunow has been drawn to the vintage lifestyle for as long as she can remember. She's been collecting antiques of all kinds for many years, her favorite era being the 1950's mid-century modern. Her latest project is complete remodel of her TV room into that classic, atomic look. Marilyn especially loves collecting vintage dresses and, as a hairstylist by trade, doing vintage hairstyles is a must. A day spent in an antique store is better than a day at the mall! Marilyn places a lot of value in the time she spends taking care of her home and yard, pets and husband. Traditional values in a vintage lifestyle; that's Marilyn in a nutshell.