Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Tale of Two Blouses

It all started at the fabric store, ahem, Goodwill, when I found this delightful bird fabric.
A few adjustments were needed.

Not usually a fan of novelty fabric for clothing, I discovered I couldn't pass this up. A blouse did briefly cross my mind as I put it in my shopping bag. Whatever it's fate I loved it. Fast forward a few months.....

 In building my thirties wardrobe, I decided this blouse pattern would be the perfect match with my birds!
I found a date stamped on this pattern of 1938.

This year my sewing goal is to finish one item a month, and so far I am on track! I may fall off the wagon this summer, as the garden and Lady Day are calling my name in the warm breezes BUT it has been a LONG COLD spring. Which means more time to sew, but still deadlines are much more effective.

Antiquing in Hixton, and Easter vacation in Florida were two deadlines on my schedule!

I almost hate to remove the buttons  from the card!
Pulling together my notions for the bird blouse I found some cute vintage buttons in my stash and decided to try bound buttonholes. Isn't the placement of the buttons adorable?

Always best to practice first.
I fall madly for the details of vintage clothing, and this blouse has a few. The pleat in the back and the little tucks which make it tuck in quite nicely to your high-waisted pants.

Hard to imagine wearing any of these clothes when it's snowing outside!

I finished it just hours before Hixton!

I must admit after getting my fabric at Goodwill, I get a little sticker shock when I go into a real fabric store. Two bolts of Moda pleated cotton caught my eye right away, and though I tried to forget about them while browsing I decided that this would be my next blouse. Well, what's a little splurge anyhow?
 I used a pattern from the 40's for this blouse that is very similar to the thirties styles.

As this one was being sewn during the Sew for Victory sew-a-long I decided to submit it. If you haven't checked this out, there is tons of inspiration and flawless seamstresses out there. Even if you don't join I recommend looking it over!

Initially, I planned to omit the trim on the blouse, but then I remembered one of my stashes. This would be excellent use of my vintage rick rack, not an overtly rick rack look, but a softer, scalloped look. More vintage buttons were found in my other stash that worked perfectly.

It occurs to me I have to lay everything out ( no folding the fabric) match the seams, and seam the top of the collar so the pleats would come out matching. I was obviously blinded by love in the fabric store.
Turned out very nicely I think.

Ready for Florida! Are we there yet?

 Ahh.. I finally got to the warmer weather and it was more delightful than I remembered.

Oh, and check out my Freddies! I have never paid this much for a pair of jeans, but I have to tell you, if you want the vintage look and top quality, you will not be disappointed. I am in love with them and already planning which will be my next pair when I scrape up some extra money. Freddies of Pinewood.
I may just buy some capris in case it warms up this summer!


  1. Well done! I absolutely love the bird fabric! I love novelty prints and it made a sweet blouse. Also the pleated fabric is so classic looking. It will be a blouse you can wear with so many things. Your blouses really make me want to sew some myself.

    1. Do it! Easy projects that don't take too long, that's what I like!

  2. I love Freddies! I have two pairs of their jeans and a pair of the capris that I got super on sale.

  3. I think blouses get overlooked too often as we always tend towards dresses, but these two are perfect additions to building a solid wardrobe. Love the pleated fabric and you did a fantastic job matching! Plus, I always love me some rickrack. ;)

    1. Thank you! I agree, dresses are easy one-piece wardrobe, but in my realistic plan of sewing what I will wear, I decided this would be great. Plus, I love dresses in the summer! So I need clothes for the other 335 days of the year! ;)

  4. Good for you for setting a sewing goal and sticking with it, I really need to do that right now I feel like all my sewing time has gone to tracing patterns definitely rethinking vintage pattern trading group although it got me that copy of your pattern for the bird blouse ;) Loved the bird blouse in Hixton the other looks just as fabulous. As for buying fabric at stores I use coupons I never buy fabric unless I can get 40% off. though I have thrifted fabric and if you can do it it is a great way to keep the cost down. I really need to sew down my stash right now so I am trying not to look if I happen to visit a store.