Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Felt Baby Booties

Nothing is sweeter than baby booties except perhaps the feet that go in them. 

Recently Peachie and her husband celebrated the first birthday of their little girl, Lucy.  While there is no lack of adorable clothing patterns out there, I decided to try my hand at booties.  After a quick stroll through pinterest, I found a very nice pattern from Heather Bailey.  Not only does her website offer tons of great crafting ideas, but I found her Bitty Bootie tutorial the easiest to follow.  But if you know me, I didn't really follow here's what resulted. 

I did use her pattern which couldn't have been simpler. 

Because Lucy is already cruising, I used nubby, gripper fabric for the soles of the booties in addition to a layer of felt.  After cutting out the pieces, I sewed on the pink hearts and joined the back heel of the upper.  Then I added the pink stripe over the back seam.

I sewed, right sides together, the upper to the sole (both felt and gripper fabric together), all the way around and turned it right side out.  Lastly the white heart button was attached.  

Booties can be as simple or elaborate as you wish (just take a gander at pinterest).  The possibilities for embellishments are endless.  Embroidery could be added around the top edge, such as the classic buttonhole stitching, or ribbon lacings with bows on the toes.  A cotton or flannel print could be used for the inside sole.  My daughter suggested attaching jingle bells which is Grandma's tried and true method of keeping tabs on roving toddlers.  The best part is that these booties were quick to sew and new pairs can easily be made as those little piggies grow.  Many happy trails Lucy!

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  1. Very sweet and adorable! The pattern and directions look pretty easy too.