Monday, February 17, 2014

The Lincoln Project

As an artist, one of the catch 22's is that revealing your artwork also reveals your vulnerabilities.
So much energy, time, and soul goes into your work/creation it's an extension of you, and sharing can be scary. I started this work of art over a year ago, a portrait of Lincoln
Lincoln is one of the most well known presidents, so why paint him? Perhaps it's because his birthday is only one day after mine? Or I was entering into a volatile political election? Or that I wanted a different subject? Or the new movie Lincoln was coming out? In any case, I identify with Lincoln. Lincoln was a very complex, and yet simple person. How he had the strength to lead our country with opposing sides and depression knocking at his door, I will never know.
Purchasing a large expensive piece of watercolor paper for this project was a huge step for me. Its hard to plan a piece when the recipient is unknown. For now- it's mine, and I will share my progress with you. Up to this point I had my sketch down on the pricey paper. 
Bo Peep convinced me to paint Lincoln since it is Presidents Day and my plans were cancelled due to the weather. I have a list two miles long of "should do's", but I set them aside and got to work.
Laying down frisket first to keep some white areas.
Waiting for the frisket to dry gives me time to play.
I raided the pantry.
The results. I choose the cornmeal.

Then I started in with the color.

A good start, but fatigue is setting in so I will leave my "green man" for now. Plus time and pictures give me better perspective. Happy President's Day!


  1. Good for you!! I tackled my list of To Do's. But your going to have to explain what frisket is. How's it part of the process? I'm so not a fine artist!

    1. Frisket is similar to rubber cement in that it rubs off the same, but doesn't harm the paper. It resists Watercolor so you can keep white areas. There's your art lesson for the day!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!! We share the day. I always liked it as a child, cause the next day was Lincoln's birthday, so we had treats on my birthday, and then special events the next day. Broke up the long winter days.

  3. Cool choice for February project. Your painting has a great beginning and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.