Saturday, September 1, 2012

Help! 911 My crinoline is in need of repair!

Okay so this may not be a real emergency but it's still a real issue. Perhaps you are able to snag a crinoline for $5, but the elastic has seen better days and the top portion has some snags/holes? This may still be wearable but putting it through the washing machine? Not so sure about that one. On a trip to the not so local fabric store I grabbed some swimsuit lining, elastic, and lace trim.

 My crinoline was previously trimmed with a velour ribbon, but decided trying to marry new white materials and vintage cream calls for some lace. First I carefully cut around the edges to make myself a "pattern piece" and removed the elastic. I kept the velour ribbon intact so as not to undo any gathering aka make more work for myself. Lay out the "pattern piece" and cut one piece on the fold, leaving a seam allowance.

I bought a slightly larger, soft backed elastic to eliminate any discomfort /rolling. There are a number of ways to put this back together.
 I decided upon this order, 1. attach elastic  2. sew french seam on side seam of lining material
 3. attach lining to tulle, right sides together, and

 4. attach lace trim.


Now to finish that skirt I started for Symco, to wear over my "new" crinoline.
Happy sewing gals!


  1. I had to do something similar to my chiffon crinoline when the top band lost all of its elasticity. I used a swatch of white satin and added a back zip (leaving the elastic on the top edge for a bit more comfort). Years of service left!

  2. Very nice repair/update...thanks for sharing!