Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How could I leave out Ralph Lauren?!

In my giddiness over the Louis Vuitton Fall Collection, I totally forgot about the gorgeous 1920s-inspired, plaid, hunting party that is Ralph Lauren of Fall 2012!!

Those riding pants!  Those Katherine Hepburn trousers!  Leopard paired with argyle!  I've been laying awake these past few nights completely reinventing my previously planned sewing projects.  Do I really want to make that 1940s suit and skirt per the pattern?  Without tweaking it at all?  Really, Girls, I think I'm turning a corner here.  Authentic, full-on vintage is *gasp* losing it's appeal.  There I said it.  Maybe it's just a passing fancy, but my winter sewing projects will tell the tale!

PS.  I found another image of my sunglasses, but these were from the Spring/Summer line. 

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  1. Makes me want to make some Christian Dior Apricot mousse ( the recipe is in my Betty Crocker cookbook). If you do decide to come around the corner I will be there to welcome you ;)AND you can always go back around the corner :)