Saturday, April 21, 2012

There's more than 1 way to...... a cat? Why did people ever skin cats?

Anyway, I remember having lunch with a girlfriend and we were covering the usual girl topics. I was talking about hemming my jeans, when my girlfriend asked the question "Can you ever hem pants so they look original?" Well this is the question for those of us who are petite,  and don't always have a choice since even the petites can be too long. Normally I don't care, since no one is going to know what the original hem looked like, but what if the pants have a hem that you would like to keep?

I was surfing the net one day and I came across an alternate method of hemming. It comes in handy sometimes, for instance, I bought this cute pair of pj's at Goodwill.
A bit of pooling wouldn't you say?
But they are a tad too long on me. They have some pretty piping on the hem. Fold them up and pin.
I used a zipper foot so I could get nice and close to the piping.
Then press down.

Here is what it will look like inside.
You can then do one of two things, tack down the fold on the seams or cut the fold down to a seam allowance.

You can see the seam a little depending on how close you get to the piping, but for my pj's this is close enough since all I really care about is not tripping over my pants.
Much better!
Any other tips for hemming your pants? Please share!

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