Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Little Lamb of Mine

Before, during and after the Easter season, I am on the prowl for all things 'lamb.'  Every time I enter a store, my eyes are peeled for collectibles, cards and stationery, stuffed animals, whatever.  Lambs and sheep are not as easy to come by as, say, cows or chickens.  Apparently only 'real' farmers raise cows while the lowly lamb just stands quietly by.  So if I can wade through the bins of rabbits and ducks, sometimes, just sometimes, I'll find an adorable Easter lamb collectible.

This year I found butter.
Yes, that's a plate of roast lamb behind the butter.
Right there, behind the cold glass door, standing quietly by in the refrigerator case at the local grocery was the most precious lamb butter I had ever seen!  Actually, it's the only lamb butter I've ever seen.  How long have these been on the market, anyways?  Without a thought at the *gulp* $2.50 price tag (for barely a 1/4 pound!), I tossed the little guy in my cart.  He graced the table for our Easter dinner and made those rolls taste all the better!
I made certain to keep the molded plastic that he came in.  I knew this was where my $2.50 investment would really pay off!
Using this easy-peasy fudge recipe from Rachel Ray (she was on Oprah one day), I carefully re-filled the mold after letting the chocolate cool a bit. 
No, he's not sitting in a soap dish...
And a new chocolate lamb was born!  How freakin' cute is he!  He's been shuffled around in my fridge for a few days now; I just can't bring myself to eat him.  What else can I pour in that mold?  Ice cream?  Jello?!  I could make a Jiggler Lamb?!?!