Friday, April 6, 2012

How Big Can You Get?

Recently PBS aired the Cab Calloway episode of American Masters and it made me long for the days of Friday nights spent dancing in clubs. In my neck of the woods dancing is reserved for intoxicated weddings and then it's a DJ playing the mandatory chicken dance. Watching Cab talk was very inspiring, and he inspired many people as a pioneer of big band music, including Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They came to a local venue about four years ago and we had a blast, and so I am very excited to be going to another of their concerts. Last time we saw them they were working on their How Big Can you Get? album, a tribute to Cab Calloway. This time around I know how to dance, if there's room. I picked seats on the end hoping to convince my guy to show off a few of our moves!
Heading inside to see BBVD!

Oh the sounds of a live big band! There's nine original band members and they are turning 19! That's great, and I got to talk to them after the show.  Dirk even complimented me on my dress! (*swoon*)
Scotty & I after the show.

They are coming out with a new record (yes, they still put out vinyl) and played a few songs from it. I particularly liked "Let's Roll". I'll be getting my copy when it comes out.

Happy Rockin' Easter to all you hep cats out there!

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