Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Rummaging

I have a tendency to find something no matter where or when I rummage so I didn't hit the streets big time this year.  But this weekend was, after all, the last big hurray for rummagers.  And I was physically driving could I resist when I knew this was my last chance?!
I found a good selection of scraps dating from the 1940-50s to add to that vintage scrap quilt I'm collecting for (because I really need another one).  A pretty blue border print to do a summer skirt.  And a black on pink rayon dot that would make a smashing 1940s dress!

Always a sucker for chrome, I picked up this GE Power Spray iron.  Clean face plate, cord free of puppy chews and all the bells and whistles that 1970 had to offer for $1.

Speaking of 1970, I could not pass up this nylon nightie made by Regency Lingerie.  Not my typical first choice for sleepwear, but the print alone begs to be worn! 

Lately I've been drawn towards the 1930-40s FireKing pieces and was ecstatic when I came across these beauties.  All of these are small cereal bowl size and marked either FireKing, Anchor Hocking or GlasBake.  The coloring is in excellent condition without scratches or wear.  And who doesn't need a 6inch grater for a quarter?

A nice wool work shirt for me...

...and a nice wool work jacket for the husband.

And in case the above mentioned husband should be looking for something to do, I found this book from Better Homes and Gardens, dated 1970.  Complete instructions on everything from power tools to refinishing furniture!

And finally my last treasure (which gets me almost as excited as the nightie) is this All Purpose Travel Light, a teensy little trouble light that plugs into the cigarette lighter.  I almost put it back when I noticed the Ford emblem on the box which is the same emblem on my 1950 Ford Shoebox.  How cool is that?!

So perhaps I did myself an injustice when I avoided rummage sales all summer, but now I know for next year!

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  1. I'm sad too about missing rummages this year. I just dont' know where the summer went...I did "hit" a few in Wausau, but I hope there will be some more before the snow flies. :)