Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wild Kat's Semi homemade clothes

This project is inspired by so many things. First, I have been wanting to make a dress from a shirt ever since I saw a post on Lovely Little Things, next I saw an article about a woman who bought an item a week for about a dollar from the thrift store and made it into a dress, and the rainbow of shirts I see every time I go to the local Goodwill. I don't necessarily need to make it, since I don't have a daughter, but I gave in last time I visited Goodwill.
I saw this shirt.
A steal for only $5.99!
I love the combination of cream and black, and it has some silver mettalic pinstripes. There is cute ribbon detail at the back.
Lining up a pattern I had already.
I had originally planned to do a placket of ruffles on the front, and then it occurs to me that maybe I can do some pom pom trim too (I am just drawn to them, the fuzzy, colorful, spheres). However when I got the shirt out, I figured I would be less work to use the finished hems that were already there. I decided to keep the lower ribbon trim on the back for the front since it had a snap. So what to do with the cute lttle black pom pom trim I purchased? I decided to insert them in what was the back center seam and now will be the front.
My friend, the seam ripper, at work.

I used two lengths of trim and alternated pom poms.
A row of soft pom poms to play with.
Next I stitched the shoulder seams together, then side seams. Now for the sleeves, I was planning on just making a little ruffle on top but I think the current finished sleeves will work out great.
I used a pattern for a sleeve as a guide.
Next I basted the top of the sleeve and gathered it.
After attatching the sleeve, I finished the front neckline.
One side done, one to go!
Looking pretty cute! Now to finish the hemline, I will have enough material left to make a ruffle so I cut the sleeves in half,
and trimmed the ends and sewed them together, end to end to form a circle.
I then basted two rows of stitching , gathered it to fit the hemline and attached it! Ta da, total cuteness!
I made a headband hairpiece out of the leftover snippets, this was a very fun project. I apologize for no model, if I can find one I will be sure to post pics. Planning is great but sometimes you have to just go for it and trust your creativity to guide you. Happy sewing!


  1. Love it! Today it rained most of the day, so I took advantage of being stuck in the house by refashioning some t-shirts. Now I'm hooked. I'm afraid my closet will be seeing a lot more of my scissors and sewing needle.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. LOVE dingle balls!! I've done something similar with my husband's flannel shirts, made over into fall jackets for my son.