Monday, July 11, 2011

The making of a Pin Up

I got my picture taken for the Miss Symco Pin up Contest.
Here is a preview and
 I thought I would share my classic 40's face make-up tips.

First start with a base face (moisturizer, concealer, and translucent powder).

I usually start with my brows, a 40's face has strong brows and mine are light so I use a brow pencil.
 You can also use an angle brush with powder if you just need to fill in. I use short strokes with a sharp pencil. To figure out where to end you brow take your pencil and angle it out so the pencil goes over your pupil and ends at the tip.

This works better on yourself looking straight on in the mirror. Shadow is next, I used gold on my lid with a white highlighting shadow.

Then I use a black eyeliner pencil.

For this I start at the middle of my eyelid and draw a line straight out to a point at the outside of my eyelid.. Then I fill it in close to the lash line. Repeat on the lower lashline.

Smiling add blush to the apple of your cheeks sweeping back into the hairline.

For the lips I used a pencil and lipcolor.

 For the pin up contest I will probably apply false eyelashes
 to the outer edge of my lid just to up the wow factor.

Hairstyle- Three day old hair gals! Passed out the night before from exhaustion and had to make do with my do! Shows what a little grit will do for you! Used hot rollers to freshen my curls. Two roll variation with cardboard tube in Victory roll(see hair with large flower tutorial), with curls pinned up in back. For some photos I undid the curls in back.

Photographer- Amy Rebella at

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  1. Clean and simple. This is such a great look to duplicate on a daily basis! Can't wait to see more of your pin-up pics!