Monday, April 18, 2011

40's Hairstyle Tutorial with a large flower

Today I think I will wear a flower!
Very cute I know, last night I took the time to roll my hair in the foam rollers. When I roll my
hair in the foam rollers I get two days of nice curls.
I just added some styling gel while damp, then rolled hair in the direction of the arrows.
I take care not to roll the rollers tight to my scalp except the bangs.
This is probably a matter of preference, but if you do not have a lot of layers,
as in the middy cut, it will get a bit puffy.
Plus, I find it easier to sleep on.

Then take the front section of your hair/bangs, backcomb the hair and then roll up and secure with bobby pins. Try to get the ends of the hair at the bottom  of your curl and secured with the pins.

Then do the same for the side section, rolling in an upward direction.

Hard to see, but there's the bobby pins.

Always check the back of your hairstyle.
 I usually plug in my curling iron when I start in case there are a few sections of hair that need smoothing.

Spray down any fly aways.

Flower looks good here.

Take a section of hair, twist, and pull back. Secure with bobby pins.

My big bobby pin that I am going to secure my flower with.
I also use more small bobby pins since this is a larger, heavier flower.
All done, time to go knock 'em dead!


  1. Ha ha...your facial expressions are priceless! Very cute photo! You wear the look well!

  2. Nice. It helps to have the arrows on the rollers as (I've found out the hard way) direction does count!

  3. Thanks Kim, it is pretty hard to not look goofy or depressed, plus I am taking the pictures myself.
    @ BoPeep- Thanks, I know it took me awhile to figure out the direction for rolling. But once you get it, it's a breeze.