Friday, July 8, 2011

My Pin Curl Set: Part II

Okay, so it's the morning after.  This is the fun part!!

Remove all pins.

Break up the curls with your fingers.

I use a regular comb to smooth down the crown and top curls.  Comb through the underside and break up any chunky curls that are held together by the gel. 

Next a round brush to fluff out the back and underside a bit more.  I'm not really brushing it through so much as teasing it into shape.
 Also use the round brush to roll the curls up on the top edge.  Roll the brush upwards over your hand to create a flipped, barrel roll.

To clean up the edges around your face, comb hair around your hand or finger to form barrel curls. Of course you can pin back the sides above your ears or add any adornments that you want.

Finish off with a cloud of hair spray to keep your crown smooth and curls bouncy.

Although I do the same setting pattern each time, my curls always come out a little different.  I don't try to mimic any particular movie star nor do I expect to look like I just stepped off the Silver Screen.  Let your hair decide your style (to some degree) and be sure to have fun with it.  A pin curled, pin-up attitude mostly comes from within!

***Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking these photos!***
***Who else could I convince to sit through my set and brush out?***