Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Big Welcome to Marilyn Mercury!

Wild Kat and I are so happy to announce that Marilyn Mercury has accepted our invitation for candidacy into the Hometown Victory Girls! 

We've both gotten to know Marilyn over the past couple of years, and she is a genuine sweetheart.  Her vintage lifestyle is evident not only through her mid-century home decor, but also her wardrobe and fabulous hairstyles.  And lest I forget to mention, she and her swank husband cruise the Twin Cities in their '65 Mercury Comet. 

Check out our Members page for a short bio about Marilyn (and all of us, for that matter). 


  1. I love Marilyn's style in the photo...Very Grace Kelly.

  2. So fun! She's gorgeous, and I think she'll be great to hear from on here!