Monday, November 4, 2013

Ahoy Sailor! One girl's love affair with pants

This is a love story about a girl and her wool sailor pants. Oh how she missed those pants in the warm summer months. They brought such style to her winter wardrobe, how will she ever survive another summer without them?
I love my vintage wool sailor pants.
In fact, I love them so much I wanted a summer version.
 Pants ready for any adventure.
 After scouring the internet, I realize sailor pants are hard to come by, or any high-waisted pants for that matter.

"Bonnie" and Tommy, another love affair.
Looking for my "Clyde"

In fact, for true "sailor pants" with all the lovely details, I'd say they were close to impossible to find.
16 vintage buttons were found on eBay.
 This is where being a fashion designer comes in handy. Patterns with the bib design and lacing in the back are also non existent, so I picked two patterns that had some of the details I wanted.

Embroidery floss detail and eyelets finish off the pants. Daddy-O
helped make the holes with a 5/16 punch.
And then used neither of them.

Military blue corduroy was purchased at Goodwill.
 Starting the pants I soon realize it would be better to follow my wool sailor pants for a pattern.

I used newsprint to make pattern pieces and scribbled out some loose steps on them in case I should so desire to make another pair.

 Although it took me close to a year to finish these pants, due to my lack of sewing time, I am proud that I finished my custom sailor pants. I'm even prouder of the fact that I spent under $20 total for these pants! It's not a quick easy project, but the labor put in shines through.
Now there's a new love in my wardrobe.
Fabric, also from Goodwill, left over from making Butterick 9633 vintage circle skirt
was a perfect match for the facings. I wish I had enough left to make a blouse!

Here's the dirty details:
Pants: Custom made by Wild Kat
Sweater: Lands End
M Brooch: Vintage
Beret & Train case: On loan from Bo Peep's fabulous wardrobe
Guns courtesy of Mr. Schimstock
Model: Wild Kat aka Bonnie
Photographer: Bo Peep


  1. The pictures don't do these pants justice! The detailing in that front panel and all the embroidery work is amazing! Too bad we never did find Clyde that day. He didn't know what he was missing!

  2. Great job and they look so cute on you too! Someday you gals should do a fashion show with all of your accumulated "looks". I'd love to see other things from your wardrobes.

  3. gorgeous pants! and a funny photo shoot :-)

  4. they are super adorable!!! Make me a pair next will you ;) Love the photos too.