Friday, August 17, 2012

The Symco Shakedown Experience

Symco Shakedown #4 was bigger and better than ever!

I seriously need to consider taking the week before and after Symco off . I probably forgot about ten different things I was going to pack (which makes me think I should make a packing list for next year's shakedown NOW), but still had lots of fun. I was trying to finish a skirt for the pin up contest but ran out of time. Fortunately, my friend came to the rescue on Thursday and loaned me his mother's Mexican skirt from 1943!

 With the Buick packed to the gills we set off for Symco Thursday evening.
Our arrival at Symco Thresheree Grounds.
Let me just say in my defense I am packing for glamour camping or glamping. Which means a whole separate suitcase just for makeup and hair accessories.
Had to steal my vanity mirror from my Wildcat since I forgot my mirror!
Buick is a beauty too!

 I do believe Midnight Maniac and lots of other gals packed this way too, since there were loads of cute gals crawling the Thresheree grounds.

Our home away from year a vintage camper I hope!

Friday evening calendar signing.

So what was new this year?
The fabulous Francesca Alfresca!

Well first off they had a burlesque show on Friday evening. It was my first time and I loved it!
My favorite performer was Francesca Alfresca. She had a cute balloon act and a sexy matador act.
The fashion designer in me LOVES this costume!

Maybe Daddy-O will be lucky enough to get his own private rendition some night. *wink*

Saturday was the big day. This year I accepted BoPeep's invitation to help with the pin up contest and it was a lot of fun. Those girls all brought their A-game this year!

The gorgeous gals all lined up for their time on stage.

My job was to keep the girls in line backstage...literally. Also to make sure they were looking their best before stepping out in front of the crowd.
Whew all done, now to get to work!
After the contest I went with a group of the calendar girls (including Miss Symco) to their photo shoot for the calendar. While trying to stay out of the photographer's way, I did my best to make sure they looked perfect. Some of the girls thanked me for helping out (the best compensation I could get). Those gals were beautiful on their own but with no mirrors available you want someone to make sure you makeup is perfect and your skirt is fluffed just right! My group of girls drew a big crowd everywhere we went.
A photo shoot in front of one of my favorite vintage campers. (Daddy-O was drooling over the Caddy too.)
Such fun, next year I will bring a survival bag. I got sunburned and only had a Mountain Dew (yuck!) until 3 in the afternoon. I took a short nap and then had some fun taking pics until the sun set.
Posing on Jerry's Ford after a meal, nap, and wardrobe change.
Then it was time for the bands.

Here is my one beef with the Shakedown. Too many great bands playing at the same time and no room to dance! Lil' Red and the Howlin' Wolves rocked the saloon Saturday night, and they even played "Johnny got a Boom-Boom" (yes!)  So to sum it all up, I am looking forward to the next Shakedown already, but need the time to catch up on my beauty rest.  I can't wait to see what next year brings!

PS.  Daddy-O was crowned Miss Symco (and got a sweet cut from Chuck the Barber), there were two flame throwing shows, bought some great vintage items, took pin up shots of my new friend Sam, and lots more that you missed out on if you didn't go to Symco!


  1. Honey, I had separate bags for make up, shoes and clothes. A pin up has to look good! You were gorgeous, by the way. I loved that skirt. Hope to see you again soon. If not... I will definitely see you at the next Shakedown!

    Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac
    Fanny Freckles
    Damn... I have too many names!

    1. I know, I really had more than just that suitcase, the box next to it was full of hair flowers! We will probably see you at Rumblefest? Or the next HVG event. See you then!

  2. Looks like so much fun. I so wanted to go this year but Mr Living Vintage just let go of a Barber at his shop making him the only Barber and not feeling like he should be closing up the shop. I thought of going on my own but I didn't have enough planning time for me and two kids to take it on alone. How kid friendly is it anyway? I thought both your Bopeep brought the young ones? I was thinking of doing myself next year with or with out Mr LV. Please feel free to give some tips on your advance list etc...

    1. We have brought our kids in the past but with the Miss Symco contest and Daddy-O volunteering we have just found it easier to leave the kids with family. I think it is nice to have some alone time with Daddy-O. Time to stay up late and listen to the bands is very nice too. A day trip is perfect for bringing kids. For an advance list I would say, sunscreen, bugspray, wipes, snacks, red lipstick, mirror, good walking shoes,wellies, band-aids, the usual camping gear. I know I forgot my hat, that would have kept the sun off of me. I will keep you posted if I make an actual list. We hope to see you next year at the Shakedown! Perhaps Mr. Living Vintage could set up shop at the shakedown?