Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aw, rats! For your hair...?!

For the Miss Symco Pin-Up Contest, I decided to donate wool hair rats for the contestants' goodie bags.  Wild Kat was skeptical, and admittedly they look like nasty drain clogs.  But for the girls who take the time to play with them, the pay-off is huge!  I took a few photos on my first try with these and came out with fabulous Victory Rolls.  Prepare for awesome bathroom pics with bad lighting and dorky expressions.

I used clean brown wool (from Derby) and carded it into small handfuls.

Using the rat like a roller, I started at the end of my bangs, wrapped the hair around the rat and rolled it down towards my scalp.

I did the same with the section above my ear.  The wool really gave the curl stability.  I only used two pins per curl, and they felt very secure.  I made sure to tuck the wool far enough into the curl so it wouldn't be seen.  And I fanned out the end of the roll to create a nice shape.  All followed by lots of spray!
This is by far the best luck I've ever had with Victory Rolls!

Because the wool matches my hair color perfectly, it virtually disappears inside the rolls.  It adds volume and a solid foundation in which to anchor the bobby pins.  And so my sheep have done it again!  Now I'm off to the pasture to say thank you!


  1. I am not so skeptical about using them as I am skeptical about wether the other girls will use them! Your victory rolls look great!

  2. Very cute and I like the blonde in your hair too!!!