Saturday, July 28, 2012

Make your own damn dinner!

The week day routine can get very predictable. The happy welcome home quickly followed by, the eternal question, "What's for dinner?" If I am on top of things, a rarity these days, I will have a dinner already prepped to cook or even better, in the slow cooker, ready to devoure! But a more likely scenario is me on the internet, until I can no longer stand the whining, and then quick look at what I can whip up in a snap. I have become pretty good at this and get great pleasure making a meal out of what Daddy-O considers "nothing to eat", however my preference is to have time to plan, prep, and  joyfully create a meal out of seperate ingredients in our pantry, This would be the weekend!
This weekend I was delighted to get half of our lunch from the garden, another great pleasure of mine. Lunch was fusion cooking with wagon wheel pasta, zuchini, and brocolli taking the center stage. Daddy-O sarcastically replied that it was "okay", which means he liked it, but doesn't want to admit he was wrong when stating "noodles and veggies and cheese doesn't sound good".
In the winter I pine for these days when the weather is warm and I'm listening to some big band music. I am wearing an apron with a towel over my shoulder, and taking a lovely lattice cherry pie out of the oven to cool. A whiff of the pie and I am transported to what I dream to be, in some ways, a simpler time. In these moments I am tranquil. Washing dishes isn't really a chore, fresh lemonade is a devine treat, and poking through the garden produces beautiful jewels.

Summer is flying by so slow days like these are a perfect time to stop and reflect.

Come Monday it will be

Funny, even though this is on my fridge they never make their own dinner?????


  1. My husband will just make a frozen pizza if I decide not make dinner or come up with a plan of some kind. I got sick of working all day then having to come home and cook (and usually clean up the mess afterward) for a time early this year and my kids actually started complaining and refusing to eat Daddys pizza. haha not so easy is it?

    1. Sounds like our guys went to the same cooking school! ;)