Friday, September 16, 2011

When the Curls are Flat...Tie it Up!

Realizing that there are already tons of youtube tutorials on how to tie elaborate Rosie the Riveter styles with silk scarves and bandanas, allow me to offer one more.  But this one is the down and dirty, wrap-it-and-forget-it, perfect for scrubbing the bathroom updo!

Brush through your day old hair (or three day old hair) with a good natural bristle brush to move the oils away from the scalp.  Dry shampoo works well, too, if your locks are really limp.

Pin back both sides just above the ears.

Separate the back into 2-3 sections.  Twist them into small curls and pin securely.  They do not need to look good, but they serve as an anchor for the bandana.

Wrap the folded bandana around (see instructions below) and tie at the top of your head.  Be sure to put the open/layered edge towards your face. 

Gently open the layers and anchor with bobby pins.  Slide the pin over the bottom fold/layer of the bandana and be sure to grip enough hair close to your scalp.

Tuck in the tails of the bandana and any hair that has slid out.  Loose curls around your face can be pinned in place.

To fold the bandana, start with any piece of fabric measuring at least 18 inches square.  Don't just stick with store-bought handkerchiefs.  Cut a square to match the skirt you just made or slice up a vintage apron for that perfect "worn" look.

Fold the square in half to form a triangle.  Then fold the center top point down to the bottom edge.

Fold down 3-4 more times to get the desired width.  If I'm spending the day in rollers, I will tie them up with a slightly wider bandana (to support the lower rollers).  Typically I wear a 3inch wide wrap.

Simple to wear and instantly adds a vintage feel to any outfit!  And I may go so far as to makes scrubbing the bathroom just a tich more enjoyable.  Well, this and a strawberry daiquiri. 

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