Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World's Fair in the 1940s

Well, technically there wasn't a World's Fair in the 1940s (given the War and all), but folks were still a buzz from the 1939 fairs that were held in New York and San Fransisco.  When I came into a collection of fabrics dating back to the 1930s, I wanted to choose a classic block pattern for my quilt.  This is a variation of the World's Fair block.  Quilts then were typically done with muslin backgrounds and rows of repeating blocks.
 So out came all my muslin scraps.  I used white and off-white together on purpose in an effort to make it look more authentic.  Must make do!
I did have to use some reproduction fabrics but I dare you to tell me which is which!
Some of the prints dated in the 1950s, but the overall feel, when mixed together, was perfect.
So after 64 blocks (measuring 8" square) and a narrow border to finish it off, I was very happy with the results.
And now that the piecing is done, I'm onto the quilting.  And maybe I'll even make matching pillowcases with the teensy tiny scraps I saved.  Happy Quilting Everyone!


  1. Very beautiful!! I love the look of quilts, but any attempt I've made at making even a little one just left me frustrated. Maybe I will have to give it another go :)