Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miss Symco Pin Up Contest Preview

I have been waiting for this years Symco Shakedown since last years Shakedown, and I have been waiting for the Miss Symco contest since I signed up in February! Well today is the day!!!!
 I have been the typical woman, changing her mind about what to wear. This weekend will be my first pin up contest and I am doing it for fun, but this fashionista has been losing some sleep over what to wear! It's a toss up between "the girl next door" look and "Bombshell" look.

Here is the dress I decided upon.
 I sewed a dress from a Vintage Vogue Pattern ( # V8728) that I got back in April. I bought a polyester sateen fabric in a tropical black and white print. I did  few alterations including add pockets and finished the dress a few weeks before. This dress is gorgeous but I was not sure I would want to wear it in the hot August heat ( Symco's last two years have been rain and serious heat). What was I thinking in the cool April air? I should have made a sundress in cotton! But alas this last week has just cooled down from quite a hot, humid summer for Wisconsin and now I will wear the dress I originally planned on.
I got some red accessories (I was hoping to get some gloves but got too busy last minute) and I am hoping that no props will be needed to win this contest! I am hoping the judges will vote for the natural, 40's 50's look! I am going for that look, pure polished natural glamour of that era with a modern feel. There are 27 contestants and some gorgeous girls walking around Symco Shakedown. I know they will bring their A game too. I am just so excited to see so much retro beauty walking around.
One thing is for sure, no matter the outfit, weather, or outcome, I will have lots of fun!

Stay tuned for pictures of my final pin up girl look and the results.