Saturday, August 6, 2011

From the pin up girl's kitchen: Lavendar Lemonade

I have been so excited to have lavendar in my garden this year! I use a pretty basic recipe for my lemonade, 6 lemons, 1cup sugar dissolved in water. Yum....., however that is just too plain for this pin up girl! Last year I had an abundance of thyme in my garden so I tried thyme lemonade, and it was delicious!
So this year it's lavendar lemonade. I made some and was quite pleased, it reminds me of lavendar shortbread.

The perfect pin up drink, sweet and tart!
Here's my recipe
First I make a simple syrup, in a small saucepan, I mixed together the zest of three lemons (the zest holds all the good lemon oil and imparts more depth of flavor), three branches of lavendar, one cup of sugar, and two cups of water. I heated this to boiling and once the sugar was disolved, let it cool. In the meantime, I juiced 6 lemons and strained it into a quart pitcher. When the syrup was cool I strained it and poured it in with the lemon juice and topped it off with water. Stir and enjoy!
If you want try the thyme lemonde just substitute the lavendar with fresh thyme.
I do believe some of Mom's homemeade limoncello would be very good in this too. Now back to this pin up girl's day, laundry and dishes, you know, the glamorous life.
PS this pin up girl is preparing for a contest with only one week left! Stay tuned for updates.

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