Monday, August 5, 2013

Dream Vacations

Mister and I are packing the bags and heading out to the Bonneville Salt Flats!  This trip has been on Hank's Bucket List ever since I can remember.  We've been talking and saving, and finally we're ready.  Next month we'll be married fifteen years, so we decided to name this our official Second Honeymoon.  My mother is staying back at the farm to take care of the kids and the sheep, and we're pointing the ole Chevy West.  Now technically, this is Hank's Dream Vacation (and he's doing all the planning, Ladies!) which made me stop to consider mine.

New Zealand probably tops my List right now.  Where else could I go that would completely immerse my senses in all things sheep?  The Shetland Islands would also be fun (again with the sheep).  But I'm also excited to take my kids across America to see the the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.  We've got so much right here, and we're definitely the type of family that would hook up the camper and roam.

So what's your Dream Vacation?  Where have you been longing to go?


  1. With the exception of Hawaii, no place takes precedence. I love to see it all. As a family we have wanted to go out west and see the Grand Canyon. We also would like to ride a train through the Rockies ( something I did as a kid). Have fun on your adventure!

  2. I would go back to Hawaii in a heartbeat. I would love the visit the Florida keys. I love Oregon especially the coast. My husband want to take the family to Montana where he spent some off his formative years. And well anywhere in Europe especially Italy, Greece, the South of France. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, oh and on my bucket list is to ride on a Swan Boat in Korea. OK I think that covers most of it.

  3. I am really excited about visiting my parents where they live in Egypt this Christmas. I lived there before college and haven't been back in a few years. Though going somewhere new is fun, I'm looking forward to returning to a country I love! I'm most excited that now my *very-serious-going-to-be-engaged-soon* boyfriend gets to go with me and experience his first out-of-America trip!