Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Glamping Wardrobe

A while back I was watching a program on our local PBS channel about the evolution of resorts and summer camps in Northern Wisconsin.  They explained how the tradition got started, and how it evolved over the years.  One comment from an elderly woman, whose parents in the 1940s rented out single-unit cabins, really stuck with me.  She said, "When we camped in the summer, we didn't have 'sports' clothes.  We had old clothes."   She went on to explain that her dad wore his fatigues from World War II.  Her mother wore plain, cotton dresses.  The kids wore overalls and hand-me-down flannel shirts, both boys and girls.  This is the basis of my glamping wardrobe.

Now some glampers will say that crinolines and sequined sweaters may be more in line with the trend, but I like to play it a bit more traditional.  I'll pass on the windbreaker, the fleece hoodie and the Gortex pants that you'd see on most campers today in favor of cotton, denim and good ole Pendleton wool shirts.

So let's start with basic cotton dresses. Button-down-the-front, shirtwaist dresses are easy to wear and comfortable.  These babies will never go out of style.

Full skirts are an option in case you just can't bear to leave the crinoline at home.  And a monogram is always a sensible choice for labeling your items (better than a Sharpie on the collar).

Wrap front dresses are also a good option because they tend to be less restricting.  A good thing to consider if you love s'mores as much as I do.  And I love the huge patch pockets on this style.  While not always flattering to the hips, they come in handy for carrying matches, hand sanitizer and extra worms for fishing.

If you'd rather forgo the whole dress idea, classic trousers in denim or lightweight cotton are always appropriate.  Just look how nonchalant that gal in yellow is roasting her wienie.

Capris (or pedal pushers) can be a bit more flattering and summery.  And I love this wrap-front blouse!  Ahem, the s'more issue...although if my waist looked like this, I could eat the marshmallows straight from the bag.  Who am I kidding?  I do that now.

Shorts and a basic camp shirt can also be a cute look although I'm not sold on the knee-highs.

Overalls have become a favorite of mine lately.  Wearing History has a great new pattern available for overalls with a pants and playsuit option as well. To me, overalls say, "I'm serious here.  Roll up your sleeves and start that fire with these two sticks."

One option that might not come to mind are playsuits.  Playsuits offer the best of both worlds.  You have the coverage and ease of shorts, but the fancy, wind-in-my-skirt feeling of dresses.  And there are tons of options available to mix and match tops, bottoms and skirts.  Admittedly, I wore these when I was 7 years old, but I still want one.  Might even do one in gingham!

And of course for the cool Summer nights, you'll need a plaid 49er shirt jacket.  I own several of these and love them!

So while us Girls are finalizing the details of our first official glamping weekend,  you go out and pull together your wardrobe.  Thrift, sew, or steal from your Mister's closet if you have to.  I hope I've given you some inspiration.  And we'll see you in the Northwoods!

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  1. love this blue gingham playsuit :-)
    but i had to cancel our glamping trip - we get flooded........