Thursday, January 24, 2013

Handmade Jewelry

It seems the craft stores are now well stocked with beads and jewelry accessories of every design. This trend piques my interest, and I love jewelry that reuses materials!
I originally met Anna about 2010 at a craft fair. Her stunning jewelry intrigued me, she had beautiful designs, and upon closer inspection I discovered they were made of vintage stamps and papers.
Anna has much better photos of her jewelry.

I took her card and kept up with her website. I finally decided to commission some custom jewelry from her with my art on it. They turned out great! I treasure them and wear them regularly.
The backs are equally beautiful in case your necklace flips over.

 I started researching some stamps that I had found on a pick last summer, and decided to donate them to Anna. I knew she would treasure these pieces of history as much as I did and put them to great use. And she did and offered to make me some jewelry out of one of my stamps!
Wearing my Johnny Appleseed 1966.

 Here are some examples of Anna's work, and I recommend you check out her website. You can pick up some great stamps for reasonable prices and have Anna make you some custom jewelry.

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