Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Hangover

Have a little too much fun for the holidays?
Perhaps you have to struggle through work today as well?
Fortunately, and planned, I have a few days off of my day job, so this morning is being spent sipping a hot cup of tea in my jammies. Now there are plans to catch up on laundry and dishes today, and tomorrow we will make the trip to exchange a few gifts and restock on batteries in town, but for now I will take stock in this holiday.
Santa using sacs to deliver presents mean less garbage and rested elves!

Some highlights include Santa bringing toys in Santa sacs. These sacs are great for several reasons, the first one being they look great! Saving trees and time spent wrapping are two more great reasons. I am considering making Santa sacs for a few more people next year. I do love wrapping gifts, but I doubt I would ever get away from that. Even if you use reusable containers to wrap gifts you can still add some pretty ribbons and accessories.
Teacher gifts including a few handmade goodies.

Another highlight for me was not baking. Now before you think anything, I did indeed do some baking but it was very limited. Two cookies for a classroom treat, and this pretty little treat for a birthday classroom treat. I do enjoy baking but only when I have time, and not stressing myself out making a million holiday treats was a delight. Besides, between my customers/friends bringing me cookies and treats, I was far from sugar deprived.
On the same note, I did not make many handmade gifts. As much as I love making gifts I was realistic about my time this holiday season. Only three gifts were handmade this year! I can hardly believe that myself.
Handmade angel wing caps (made from an old bra) for my niece.

All this made for a relaxed enjoyable holiday. I also had more time available for last mintue requestes, one Mrs. Claus outfit, and birthdays. Balance of time is a big accomplishment for me, so maybe I will celebrate my restraint on New Year's eve. If you indulged a little too much this Christmas, relax you still have time to add some new years resolutions to your list!
Happy Holidays!


  1. I love the Santa sack idea; I too love wrapping presents but would definitely do this if I didn't want to spend the money (or time) on paper.

  2. I like that Santa sack, too. Although there's nothing so gratifying as ripping into the paper! lol