Monday, July 16, 2012

The Victory Garden: How does your garden grow?

The summer days are quickly passing me by and yet on these hot July days it seems as if there will be no end to it. Being at the halfway point I thought I'd update you on my garden. I have only harvested some herbs and arugula but it's coming on like gangbusters despite my late planting schedule and lack of rain. My preference is rain water for my garden but that is not in the forecast. I did acquire a rain barrel but we would need some rain to fill it first. The potato plants are coming along nicely, and we have only found one potato bug on them this year!
This quadrant contains arugula, potatoes, basil, chives, and sunflowers.

 I have followed my garden design but some plants appeared and disappeared on their own. For instance these huge pumpkin plants showed up by themselves and when the were small it was hard to differentiate them from zucchini plants. Sure now it's obvious! I have been trimming them regularly so as not to loose my beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Please sign the list if you would like a pie pumpkin this fall!
The two east quadrants contain tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and pumpkins.

Cilantro is randomly sprinkled through out my garden too.
My cucumbers are behind but my neighbors usually ask me to take some off their hands once they are sick of pickling. I gladly oblige them.
My lavender is blooming and smells heavenly...think I'll slip some in my pillowcase tonight. My brother gave me the lavender and some rosemary, thanks little brother!
The last quadrant contains lavender, rosemary, zucchini, and more pumpkins.
The middle of my garden has some eucalyptus and flowers such as stock.
I only purchased two varieties of tomatoes this year and had lots of returning plants. I did sprinkle cornmeal around the base in hopes of warding off blight. It's probably time to give them a second round.
Trying to keep the pumpkin vines at bay so my wax beans can flourish.

Weeding has slowed down but there are plenty of other to do's. The tomatoes will need to be tied up with nylons and there is still the business of making a fence for my cucumbers to climb up. No wonder summer flies by, the garden keeps you busy. Taking stock I would have to say I am disappointed that none of my jalapeno pepper seeds came up, but I prefer the grass paths over mulch paths. Much softer on the feet!
 Although I do not have enough space to plant enough for preserving, it is gratifying to be able to feed my family from our back yard. Now that's local!

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