Friday, June 15, 2012

The Victory Garden

There is a certain comfort in working the earth. The Amish believe it brings you closer to God. At the very least I think it brings you closer to your spirit. Simple things in life like fresh laundry on the line, grass in your toes and gardening can be very sweet. Not since WWII has there been such a trend in gardening to save money. Some gardeners have even quantified the savings.
There is a great debate about when to start your garden. Some gardeners swear by planting after Memorial Day, so as to avoid the frost. This year's weather proved that theory wrong. I planted my garden on Memorial Day and thankfully my garden is in a warm spot tucked between houses so it escaped the late spring frosts. First, I recruited professional help for my design. I am the first to admit that I am clueless about what plants do better in sun, shade, my zone, etc. A Spark o Life sent me a beautiful design with my wish list of plants and veggies.
Ready to grow! My garden is an 18' diameter circle.

This year I will venture to try cucumbers and train them up a fence! I will keep you updated on that venture.  What will go in my victory garden this year? Well I have tomatoes, potatoes, jalapenos, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, cut flowers, and various herbs. While I could do a whole garden of exclusively herbs my family does prefer some other fresh veggies.
This year, for my son, I decided to grow cut flowers.

Off to a dry start, I did lose one of my herbs (although I do still hold out hope for it) and had to buy a replacement. Everything seems to be going well with some sprinkler treatments.
Although he got a new shovel and hoe this year, he favors the shovel.

Trying to keep the weeds at bay might prove difficult with my busy schedule but I will try my best!
At the very least I know my children LOVE helping me in the garden and are learning valuable life lessons.
He could have dug holes all day.
He did a great job of planting and "pulling the covers up
tight and tucking them in" as my grandmother would say.

My youngest, who seems to have a deep affinity for gardening, asks me how I know so much about gardening. My reply is, "I learned from helping your great-grandmother in her garden." My grandparents instilled so much valuable knowledge in me with their garden. It is wisdom I will always cherish.
Not unlike my children it is truly amazing how the garden grows.

 Even if I do not garden to the extent of my grandparents, I can appreciate my little garden. After all every little bit helps. "Food fights for Freedom!"
Happy gardening, Victory Girls!

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  1. So what's the layout look like? Do you have radiating rows of veggies, or "clumps" in the middle with the herbs around the edges? I never thought of planting a round garden!