Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pillow Talk

In my caffeine-induced frenzy yesterday, I whipped up two new couch pillows.  To make the covers, I found heavy cotton scraps left over from various sewing projects (ironing board cover, striped tote bag, plaid jumper, floral tablecloth for my daughter's playhouse).  The pillows themselves are feather-filled and perfect for sleeping in front of the tv.
 I used a basic pinwheel pattern from my quilt book, constructing four 2-piece triangles (per pillow) and then sewed the large triangles together.
The back opening is a simple overlap.  I cut two sides that extend to approximately 2/3 the full width of the pillow.  In this case the pillow measures 21" square, and the back sides are 16" wide.  I hemmed the opening edge.  The pillow stays tucked in nicely, and the cover can be removed for washing.  
No need for zippers or buttons!

Mission oak chair that my hubby reupholstered.
I also finished up a pair of pillows I made for my niece.  The fronts are knitted from chunky, chenille yarn and sewn to a fabric foundation.  The back is made the same as above.  These measure only 12inches square and worked up fast on size 17 needles!  Like knitting with wooden spoons!
These dandies should make some stellar marks on her face while she's sleeping!

Pillows make great gifts (I've done it several times).  So easy to find fabric and styles to match whomever you have in mind!  And in my case, pillows are like hotpads.  They get used to death and new ones are such a treat!


  1. Nice pillows! At our house, we have to fight the dogs for the couch pillows....they are little dogs...Blessings from Ringle, WI.

  2. I was just talking myself out of buying sweaters from Goodwill to make pillows with today. I really must finish some current projects before starting new ones! I love your pillows they turned out great. i also talked myself out of buying some cute fat quarters today because I couldn't think of anything I needed them for, but seeing your pillows makes me wish I had gotten them. I do think throw pillows are great gifts for anyone, especially considering the price of store bought ones! They add such life to a couch or chair!