Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in Hollywood

It's always a bit hectic during this last week before Christmas, trying to get everything done and not lose the joy of the season.  So here are a few tips from your favorite Hollywood Starlets.

1.  When in doubt, hang more tinsel!

 2.  Do not shake your presents, no matter how tempting.

3.  Burn off those cut-out cookies with a little ice skating.

4.  Always take a moment to double check your lists.

5. Give Santa extra hugs.  It can't hurt!

6.  Decorate all sides of the tree.

8. Brush your hair Christmas morning to be ready for family photos.

9. Make sure your stocking is generous in size.  You never know what may be in it!


  1. Cute, but you missed number 7 :P

  2. #7 was so another photo of Jayne Mansfield and would have required a viewer discretion warning, so I left it out. :)

  3. Good tips! But that part about NOT shaking your own presents will be a bit difficult... ;)