Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Gifts-Victory Girl Style! Part 2

From left, Breadfruit, Protea, & Pineapple
Finishing the potholders has been a bit of a challenge, but that's what makes it fun, no? My last step was quilting down the outline. Once that was finished I got to work quilting down the inside.

This is not hard but tedious work that makes the potholder stand out! After completing the inside I stitched a few lines out side the design on the white background. My tip here is to put white thread on your machine but leave the red in the bobbin. This way there will be no contrasting stitching on the front or back.
I have come to the conclusion that I am way too much of a perfectionist to ever like binding. I would rather put in a zipper any day, BUT practice makes perfect, and lots of it I will have! My first attempt to bind a square potholder ended in a date between myself and the seam ripper. So rounding the corners seemed like a good solution. The binding went on much better. After washing out the blue marker here is my finished work!

Looks great, now the race is on to finish the other five before the Christmas Bake Sale!
Happy sewing gals!
I finished them with only a day to spare but here they are!
All tied up and ready to gift!


  1. Binding can be a pain, especially if your piece is bulky. Now make sure you enjoy them before they're splattered with bacon grease! Very beautiful!