Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Sewing

Seldom do I get to spend a majority of my day sewing, however October is swiftly passing me by and I need to catch up. What to pick first? I have a variety of projects, mending, apron challenge, a quilt, pillow, etc. that have been calling me from my disaster of a sewing room.

Quilt, t-shirt pillow, apron, and two mending projects
 So a rainy Sunday is the perfect time to reduce the pile. The sewing machine migrated out to the dining room so I didn't have to clean up before even starting. That would be another days project. Instead, I dive in and start with the apron that I started at the beginning of the month. Taking the apron challenge seemed like the best thing to do since I have lots of idle time on my hands, wait...WHAT? I am insane, well at least I'm havin' fun right? So I decide for the October apron I would go novelty fabrics, something I don't often do, and make a fun spirited one.

I chose Andy Kaufman for the black background, and a yellow fern print for the moon. I decided to embroider my name on it as well and add some vintage rick rack for a balance of yellow to black. Head on over to Willow Homestead to check out the results and join the challenge too!
Next up was two mending projects, both easy fixes but time consuming none the less. The first one was repairing my homemade shopping bags. Apparently they get way more use than I anticipated and it will be nice to have it back in service.
The second one was for my father who seam ripped open his couch cushions to take out the stuffing so he could wash them. Two months later, the Velcro I promised him is put on so he can return his throw pillows to his couch. Now to track him down to return them, that's the hard part!
Third was working on a quilt that my mother and I are making for my pregnant sister-in-law. She is due in January but I plan to do hand quilting so I should have started sooner no doubt. Ah well, my mother returned the finihed back and I finished the design for the center front today.

Perfect for pictures- just add baby.
 Next up will be a trip to the quilt store to get some batting and thread. I do look forward to curling up on the couch evenings and working on this quilt.
Last is the t-shirt pillow which I ran out of time to start, but that's life. I did get a good bit of my sewing to-do's done today so I am happy. Now time to rest, there are many more sewing projects for the week, including last minute costumes!

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  1. This makes me want to haul out my sewing machine and get to work on all my projects too! Good time of year to do it. :)