Sunday, May 15, 2011

Decades of Style Pattern Review

While it's great to work with vintage sewing patterns (makes you feel very authentic), it can be a bit daunting.  Often times they have little or no printing on the pattern pieces and sketchy directions.  Reproduction patterns to the rescue!  Here are four patterns from Decades of Style that we've made and might just get you inspired to do a little summer sewing for yourself.

First up is Wild Kat's Girl Friday Blouse
"Overall I would say you need to be an experienced seamstress to do this one. The pattern itself is fairly easy, but if the collars don't lay right or your measurements are not exactly as the patterns (true to size), you will need to do some alterations. The collar was a bit tricky."

BoPeep's 1950's Multi Grain Skirt
"Sadly, this pattern is out of print.  I was nervous about getting the stripes on grain and the front pleats even, but it really went together very well.  The pleated panel in the front is a nice contrast to the sides and back.  And the deep pleats give you a huge sweep that fits well over a crinoline."

BoPeep's 1952 Wrap Blouse
"I used a homespun cotton to make this pattern. The collar was a little confusing to set in, but that was the hardest part.  It's comfortable to wear and stays put.  Plus it has built-in ease for those meals that require extra helpings."

BoPeep's 1930's Sweetheart Overalls
"This was the first pattern that I tried from Decades of Style.  I added extra darts in the bustline to tailor the fit and did the usual petite adjustments (I'm only 5'0").  The pants have a center back zip, and the overall straps crisscross in back and button at the shoulder.  A nice wide leg allows for ease of movement."

So before the Summer heat is upon us in full force, make sure you spend some quality time in your sewing room.  Consider a pattern from Decades of Style.  Authentic clothing explained in modern sewing terms!


  1. Oh I am so happy I found this post. I LOVE Decades of Style patterns and they look just lovely on real women here. THANK YOU for sewing these lovelies up so we can see what they look like in fabric, and thank you for posting all the images. Keep in touch if you do this again with more Decades of Style patterns.