Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hometown Teacher Gifts

In the beginning of the school year, children often bring their teacher an apple or other small gift as a token to start off the school year right. By the end of the year the children have formed a better relationship with their teacher, and it is often hard to take that summer break knowing it will be all new next year. For a good bye teacher gift,  I wanted to custom design gifts for the boys' teachers. Producing good ideas can be tough and finding time to carry out these ideas even tougher. I  have a head start on two out of the three teachers. Pencil holders/make-up bags stuffed with pencils, lip balm, and other goodies are a gift I would love so I think they will be a hit with the teachers. Plus this project uses up scraps, have I mentioned before how much I love that? I only purchased zippers for this project, making this a very affordable gift.

I found a tutorial online, and decided to spend my time on the design. This tutorial uses iron on vinyl. Vinyl lining is great for a a make-up bag and recommended for a pencil bag, but if it is not readily available you can skip it. Mine is made of cotton and quilted so it can be thrown right into the washing machine. A previous gift of a personalized notepad with an apple design was the perfect inspiration for the make-up bag/pencil holder.
Perhaps you remember these fabrics from my Hawaiian potholders project?

Applique, embroidery, and echo quilting on the front,
Installing the zipper looks intimidating but is actually quite easy. You will want to plan out your design because assembling the bag is last and goes quickly!

 Quilting the back with a coordinating colored thread to adds to the uniqueness.

 A small pocket inside to stash your smaller valuables.

Make one for a teacher, mother, friend, or yourself. A monogram would be beautiful as well.
Stashed full of goodies and ready to give.

I plan to make one with cherries for car shows,... you know.... to stash my essentials. Lipstick, compact, band-aids, sunscreen, flask *wink wink.*
I love these cherries!

I'm on a roll, so I better start on the next gift for teacher. School is almost out!


  1. Really cute and a great idea. Thanks for posting it. Blessings from Ringle.

  2. This is really nice. I could think of several uses right off the top of my head!

  3. Cute but remember teachers get inundated with apple presents best to find out if the actually like apples stuff or perhaps just go with something more neutral just saying as a teacher.