Friday, June 17, 2011

Craft-Dad is Dinomite!

"Your dad is the man who does all the heavy shoveling for your sandcastle, and then tells you you've done a wonderful job." -Rose O'Kelly

     Recently, Ron dug two model cars out of his parents house and brought them home to assemble with the boys. Of course Mom had to buy the paint on one of her errand trips, boys are full of paint, and  dinners have been over models for the last week, but I do love seeing Dad and the boys so engrossed in a project and learning from each other. Dad learns to be patient and let his sons paint their car whatever crazy color they want, and sons learn to listen and follow directions.
      So this got me thinking of more crafts father and son could do together. I can always find an abundance for Mom to do but Dad...that's a little harder. Plaid Pigeon has dinosaur planters all over the blogs right now and when I saw these I thought, "Why didn't I think of that?" It's simple enough, steal two of the one hundred dinosaurs in the house(not the easy part), get some paint and a succulent plant.
      When I started this project, the crafty me was all excited, I had finally gotten the paint(the last thing needed) two months after I first saw this. I finally set them up to paint only to find Dad ready to spray the (my) dinos! No, no, no! This is my fun! But alas, cutting, painting and planting is something Dad wants to do!
      So here are some directions on this super cute and easy craft,...try to let Dad do it with the boys if you can!
First step, if you don't already find yourself stepping on some prehistoric creatures in the night, you can purchase these for a dollar at Wally World. I bought spray cans of model car paint, you can brush it on too, just be sure to purchase paint that will adhere to plastic. Carefully ( Dad step!) cut a hole in the top of your dinosaur and a small drainage hole in the lowest point. Then paint away!

Next you will want to get some plants, succulents are low maintenance which is a great starter plant for children. You can chose any good house plant, ivy, etc.

Here are the small drainage holes!

Next the fun part! Let the kids gently loosen the dirt away from the rootball. Save this dirt to pour into your dinosaur. Then gently tuck the rootball into the dinosar and.....

Done! A super cute planter, and with any luck, an hour to youself.

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  1. Very fun. We could make a whole herd of technocolored dinos!