Monday, October 15, 2012

Hometown Halloween Decorating

 Two years ago, realizing my Halloween decor inventory was zero, I went all out, decorating the whole house. Last year Halloween snuck up on me and I did not get out a single thing! Not this year, I resolved to get out those Halloween decorations early, which means I would finish before Halloween arrived on the calendar. Here are a few of the fun things I have been working on.

This year I have a sideboard/buffet to set up on!

 I glittered some skeletons and hung them in the spooky tree. Black peacock feathers are a nice touch.
Need a spooky tree? Grab a branch from your back yard and a can of black spray paint, voila!

Okay so I got a little crazy with the glitter, but what better way to dress up some cheap dollar store bugs?

My glittered fly is sitting on a pumpkin from my garden!

Glow in the dark glitter is SO cool! I think I will make a new project with the boys this year to use some more of it! Perhaps a skeleton?

These spooky speed demons are going for a ride!
One lunch server from Hudson grill and two skeletons make for one sweet little display on Daddy-O's radio.

The trick to using faux spider web is to use very small amounts.
Making a family photo look haunted is easy, copy photo in black and white and stretch webs over the frame. My runner is some aged gauze that I picked up from Joann's.
Just some black construction paper here, eek!

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart since my mice have gone missing!

Now to get working on those Halloween costumes for the boys...Dracula and the reaper are waiting for their wardrobe.
Happy Halloween!

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